Brazil offers excellent and unique travel features you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Brazil has the world’s largest rainforest and river (the Amazon), the biggest waterfalls of the world (Iguassu), the greatest American concentration of wild life (the Pantanal), the longest tropical beach coast of the world and the world's most popular street festival (the Carnival). 

And if these features do not convince you, its people spirit will: Brazilians have a truly amazing way of facing life, especially in the northeast and in the Rio de Janeiro region. The intensity with which they live their music and their sympathy is truly remarkable and one of a kind. 


Your Brazilian vacations can include very diverse world top destinations: Rio de Janeiro, Manaus (and the Amazon), tropical beach resorts in the Northeast and the Iguassu Falls can all be part of your Brazil Travel Package. 

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Brazilians love their country. They are in love with it and they like to say, in order to glorify its beauties and natural landscapes, that «God is Brazilian». And, indeed, it seems that Brazil is blessed. Brazil has a wide set of unique and unparalleled opportunities for those who wish to visit it. 

If you are looking for tropical resorts in Brazil, consider those of the northeastern coast. Beach resorts near Rio, or southward, are fine, but they aren’t truly tropical or as preserved or as exotic as those surrounding Bahia, Recife or Fortaleza. 

Amazon and Manaus 
Manaus region, in the heart of the Amazon, is a special Brazil travel destination. If you want to enjoy the immense green of the rainforest, with its aquatic environment and wildlife, you should consider Manaus. 

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The Iguassu Falls 
The biggest waterfalls of the world are in Brazil. And they are surrounded by an intense tropical forest, which you can explore by boat, bike or by plane. Niagara compared to Iguassu is just like a water drop… 

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All year round beaches 
Many of the most amazing beaches of the world are Brazilian – though they aren't located in Rio de Janeiro, nor nearby, as some people may think. If you want to include top world beaches in your trip to Brazil, then the Brazilian northeastern coast would be the best option. 

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The Brazilian Pantanal 
A rather unknown animal reserve, sized larger than France and with floods every year, the Pantanal is a big destination for those who do not fear the mud and some discomfort in order to watch bird and wild life like nowhere else in America. 

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Unique cities 
Rio de Janeiro has a unique mixture of beach life, music, nightlife and astonishing natural landscape. Salvador da Bahia, with its strong African culture, is another unique city; exoticism, music, dance, cuisine, optimism, companionship and a permanent parade of ceremonies and events in a blend of Catholicism and African religions are Salvador da Bahia's trademark. 

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Traveling into the Brazilian Amazon rain forest is an unique experience. Nobody is immune to feeling small and wonder at the immensity of green and water of the world's biggest rainforest.

Just take into account when to go and where (Manaus would be a good idea) to go. 

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If you want tropical beaches, you should not look for them in Rio de Janeiro, or nearby, nor in south Brazil. You should search in the Northeast coast, in Bahia, or more into the north, around Recife or Fortaleza.

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For a good time, nightlife, entertainment and parties, Rio de Janeiro is the number one choice. But Bahia (Salvador), with its exoticism and persistent musical traditions, or even Sao Paulo (a big metropolis of over 15 million people, with lots of restaurants, clubs, bars and night clubs and discos), are good alternatives. It all depends on what you are looking for.

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It’s the rain – not the cold – that you should take into account if your destination is in the northeast, the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro and surroundings or Sao Paulo. Though most rainfalls usually last no more than one hour or two, with the sun then reappearing, there are more persistent rainfalls in some regions. 

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