Bahia: top tourist attractions

Looking for Brazilian Tropical Resort + Music + Exoticism + Special cuisine package?

If this is the case, consider Bahia, particularly Salvador da Bahia. Salvador is an unique destination and one of those world places that everyone should pay a visit.

Salvador da Bahia has a coast of 50 km filled with brazilian top resorts, with hundreds of natural swimming pools surrounded by coconut groves: Barra, Ondina, Rio Vermelho, Amaralina, Pituba, Armacao, Corsario, Jaguaribe, Piat, Itapo, Stella Maris, Flamengo, Aleluia.

But Salvador da Bahia, like Rio de Janeiro, is much more than just good beaches. The Bahianos are music-loving people, much more than the cariocas (the inhabitans of Rio de Janeiro).

Map of Salvador da Bahia beaches, in BrazilYou can always hear music when you are in one of the many enormous straw sunshades that look over the beaches, especially in the more central beach, the Barra.

Salvador da Bahia is also the heart of an amazing culture, a blending of a strong African culture with an European one, that you can see in the everyday life: in its musical spirit, in the exoticism of the place and in the odd cuisine of the region.

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Salvador da Bahia offers a wide set of opportunities. Music festivals, carnival rehearsals and permanent animations are the city's trumps. The animation of Salvador is something unknown anywhere else in the world, not just Brazil. In Salvador every occasion is good for music and dance. The main streets of Pelourinho are a permanent party.

Besides, there are also interesting shopping opportunities, an unique cuisine, and some colonial highlights and historical places in the town.


Bahia beaches and Maceio resorts But there are other options, near or very near Salvador. If you love nature, you can do some canoeing near and around the mangroves or visit the bird, turtle and other wild fauna watching places; Praia do Forte, an extremely well preserved eco-resort some dozens miles north, is a great place to do these kinds of activitites.

You can also visit ancient sugar plantations and factories or go for a longer visit to the sertão: the deserted interior of Northeast, a frontier land full of of cacti - the Brazilian equivalent of the Australian outback.

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