The largest international hotel chains are present in Brazil's main tourist destinations: Marriot, Sheraton, etc. . But they aren’t necessarily the best choice; less known hotels and chains are also trustworthy.

Hotel availability in Brazil isn’t usually a problem. However, for some destinations or at some periods of the year, like the high season, during certain events such as the Carnival and New Year’s Eve or at the weeks preceding these events, hotel availability is something you should take into consideration.

If you want to go to Rio at Carnival, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you must book your hotel early. The same applies if you want to go to Salvador da Bahia at Carnival time or to Iguassu Falls at the high season. The lodging of some eco-tourist places, such as Jericoacoara or Fernando de Noronha islands, should be reserved early enough due to the very limited capacity of accommodation of these places.

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Prices vary widely, according to the place and the period of the year.

The time of your visit is particularly important in places like Rio de Janeiro and South Brazil destinations. During the high season (the summer and the Brazilian holiday’s period, between December and February) prices are typically much higher and the availability scarcer.

Brazilian hotels are usually ranked from one to five stars, but the absence of stars doesn’t mean a bad hotel. Hotels offer a range of different rooms. Many of them will add a percent service charge (taxa de serviço), though not necessarily.

Typically it is considered rude to leave the hotel without tipping the receptionist.

Prices can include a breakfast buffet (cheese, ham, bread, fruit, juices, cakes and coffee) though usually not other meals.

They usually have a safe deposit box (caixa), and you should ask about it when you check in as it's a free service. Many hotels offer a safer option: a safe deposit box in your room.