Campinas, the Brazilian Silicon Valley

Campinas is a city and county in Sao Paulo state, Brazil. The city has a population over a million people (2,4 million, in the case of its metropolitan area, and more than 4 milllion for the county as a whole). Campinas is around 62 miles/100 Km away from Sao Paulo.

Campinas, sometimes known as the City of Swallows (though they have mostly disappeared from its downtown) is on the top of Brazilian economics, representing around 9% of Brazil's GDP (for around 3% of the brazilian population).

Sectors such as coffee, sugar-cane, cotton (in the agriculture), textiles, cars, food, chemical, oil, pharmaceuticals, cellulose, electronics and telecommunications (in industry) are particularly well represented in Campinas. But there is also commerce and services.

Campinas is sometimes nicknamed as the Brazilian Silicon Vallley, reflecting the presence of a great number of research centers, Brazilian universities and high-tech industries (fiber optics, lasers, satellite, software, genetic engineering, ethanol motor vehicles tecnology...) as well as the presence of many top multinational high-tech corporations (IBM, Motorola, Compac, Sansung, Alcatel, Bosh, Texas Instruments...) and high-tech industrial parks (Softex, TechnoPark, TechTown, Polis, Industrial Park of Campinas...).

Business visitors and business travel

The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Campinas is a key element for supporting business visitors, as well as the Campinas Videoconference Center, at Edumed Institute, and a branch of the American Chamber of Commerce.


Accor, Melia, and other top hotel chains are present in Campinas, but the top references for businessmen are the Naumi Hotel and the Mercure Hotel or the Royal Palm Plaza (with its large international-class convention center). In the budget category, Vitoria Hotel Campinas is a good choice.

The airport

Campinas has its own international airport - the Airport of Viracopos - important as an air cargo terminal and as a passenger gateway in rapid expansion. This airport is 14 Km / 9 miles away from Campinas' downtown and around 100 Km / 62 miles away from Sao Paulo.

However, Guarulhos Intl (Sao Paulo's airport) is the most used airport for most international visitors and flights.

Transfers from the airport

There is a wide service of taxis and buses every few minutes to several destinations in both airports: the Airport of Viracopos, in Campinas, and the airport of Guarulhos.