Local amazon cruises and International Cruises to brazil

You can easily arrange local cruises in the Amazon river and jungle, around Manaus, without needing to plan or pre-organize them (for an international cruise to Brazil, see International cruises).

Local hotels and local travel agencies offer a wide variety of cruises into the Amazon rainforest and river (most of them involving a whole day or part of a day).

Amazon, near ManausYou can also travel from Manaus (1000 miles/1600 Kms) to Belem, at the beginning of the river, or the reverse, by touristic riverboats, or local vessels - something that you can also arrange locally.

Manaus and tours in its outskirts
Cruises in the Amazon


Brazil is not an important international cruise destination. It is not an easy task to get an international cruise centred in Brazil. With very few exceptions, Caribbean (or Galapagos) cruises do not include Brazil.

Cruises involving Brazil do not obey to any regularity and are very few. The offer is restricted to:

  • Cruises departing from Florida (Fort Lauderdale) to Manaus, or the reverse.
  • Cruises departing from Europe and scaling Rio de Janeiro and other brazilian destinations.
  • Cruises departing from Sao Paulo (Santos) or from Rio de Janeiro, visiting Brazilian coast and beaches, or the Amazon.
  • Cruises departing from Buenos Aires or Santiago do Chile, with scales on several brazilian coastal cities.