best time of the year to go to ANGRA DOS REIS, brazil

Angra dos Reis is a safe luxurious beach resort south of Rio de Janeiro, less than two hours car drive/boat trip.

Best time to visit Angra dos Reis

For those interested in entertainment, high temperatures and beach life December, January and February (the high season) are the best time to visit Angra dos Reis.

But the temperatures can be really high (as well as humidity), and the high season is alo the crowdest period and the one with the highest hotel rates. If you want to avoid it, the months prior or after the high season are the best choice. September, October, November as well as March, April, May or even June are great to go to Angra.

And what about the other months, namely the winter months (June to September)? Expect winter temperatures around the 70º F/20º C. Air temperatures may dip below the 60º F/15º C (average minimal air temperatures 65ºF/18,5-19ºC) while seawater temperatures will be around 71ºF/22ºC, that is, 6ºF/3ºC colder than summer water temperatures.

It's not likely, but it may happen cold and unpleasing days in the July-August period; July and August aren't exactly beach-friendly, and in a place like Angra dos Reis they surely aren't the best period for a visit.

Also keep in mind that rainy days are much more likely during the summer (the high season). Rain showers can happen anytime of the year or the day, and they can be heavy and last for hours.

When not to go to Angra dos Reis? Which is the worst time to travel to Angra dos Reis? In terms of temperatures and comfort level: July and August aren't good months; and if you don't like high temperatures - and periods of high humidity - also avoid the summer months (December to February); they are great for those who live in Brazil and are spending holidays in their home country, but not for foreign travelers.


Average air temperatures (Celsius): Angra dos Reis (and Rio de Janeiro region)
Source:, Gráficos climatológicos (1961-1990)

Angra dos Reis monthly air temperatures

Humidity levels: Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis Humidity level graphic

Angra dos Reis: monthly rainfall levels (mm)

angra dos reis precipitation levels, montlhy

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Rio de Janeiro; Sao Paulo

Leisure, windsurfing, sailing, diving, golf, shopping. 

Nearby Angra dos Reis
Paraty, Costa Verde, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo. 


Most hotels in Angra dos Reis are rated with 5 stars. 

Room availability: scarce in the high season (Dec.-Feb.). 

Angra dos Reis is a very exclusive destination, with high prices for Brazilian standards. 


Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo


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