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Blumenau is a southern Brazilian city with a strong German ancestry, expressed in its annual Oktoberfest - an October beer festival emulating Munique's. Blumenau is located 156 miles/251 Km away from Curitiba, 86 miles/140 Kms away from Florianopolis, 681 miles/1096 Kms away from Rio de Janeiro and 407 miles/685 away miles from Sao Paulo.

Best time of the Year to visit Blumenau

October, with its two weeks of music, beer, food and animation (during the Octoberfest Festival) is an especially good time to visit Blumenau. But it’s also a crowded period, and it’s hard to find accommodation in the city.

January and February are also a popular period, with their Thursday’s versions of the Octoberfest. Besides, it’s also a good time to go the nearby beaches: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Balneário Comboriú (60 Kms from Blumenau)

Note that Blumenau stays at the south of Brazil, in a temperate climate zone. Problems with humidity or very cold or high air temperatures are rather uncommon.

For weather issues, and to select the best time to visit Blumenau, take into account the graphs we present here, involving Florianópolis (Florianópolis is close to Blumenau, and the weather is very similar).

Also pay attention to some basics about Blumenau's weather: summer (December to March) is the rainiest period, but summer rainfalls do not last long and aren't too heavy; the season with the best sea water temperatures is also the summer (temps around 78ºF/25,5ºC); cold is a marginal concern, but you should take it into account in the winter months (June to August); air temperatures can drop to 62ºF/17ºC (average temperature) or less during the winter months.

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Florianopolis; Curitiba

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Florianopolis, Curitiba, Vila Velha Park, Iguassu Falls.

Blumenau has few hotels and all of them are very affordable: Ibis Blumenau, Parthenon, The Tower House and Hotel Plaza Blumenau

The Oktoberfest is one of the biggest and most popular Brazilian events, bringing hundreds of thousands of people into the town - hence the difficulty in getting accommodation during the period.

Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo

Curitiba is located in the southern part of Brazil and could be considered a country within it: it is rich in an European heritage, instead of a mixed one as it happens in most of Brazil. Even the weather has little resemblance with the other parts of Brazil, as it has four seasons and a cold winter.

Besides cities like Blumenau and Curitiba and excellent beach resorts like Florianopolis (located at Santa Catarina Island), Brazil's south includes a major tourist attraction: the Iguassu Falls.

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