Which is the best time to visit BUZIOS and Cabo frio

Buzios is a luxury beach resort and a leisure destination that is a two-three hours car drive north of Rio de Janeiro.

Cabo Frio is a leisure destination, very close to Buzios, though not so sophisticated or expensive.

Best time to visit Buzios and Cabo Frio

Buzios, Cabo Frio and Rio de Janeiro share the same basic weather trends. But there are some small differences. See The best time to visit Rio de Janeiro.

Air temperatures in Cabo Frio are cooler (Frio in portuguese means Cold), which may be a significant advantage in the summer months (December to March). You will not have the hot-humid weather of Rio. And precipitation levels are also a bit different: it rains less in Cabo Frio than in Rio, during the summer months.

Many spots in Buzios have also slightly milder temperatures than Rio. But do not expect significant differences.

And the same goes for seawater temperatures all over the year. They are basically the same in Rio, Buzios or Cabo Frio (see: Brazil Sea water temperatures)

But there is some others reasons that you should take into account when choosing the best time to visit these beach resorts: entertainment, crowds and prices.

Buzios is an especially buzzy place in the summer months. Expect people everywhere, rush hours and noise in December, January and February. Entertainment and beaches are magnificent, but if you don’t like overcrowded places, avoid Buzios in these months.

Cabo Frio is a lot less buzzy all over the year. It hasn’t the entertainment and the style of Buzios, but it has its own charm, and can be an excellent choice for those who like quieter (and less expensive) places.

From a weather perspective transitional months (March, April, May, October, November) are very good choices. You will not encounter the entertainment and the exuberance of the Brazilian summer months, but Buzios and Cabo Frio will offer you beautiful spots, exceptional beaches and very friendly people.

For details and graphs on the basic monthly weather patterns, and also some tips on how to choose the best time to travel to Rio, Buzios and Cabo Frio, see Best time to visit Rio de Janeiro.

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Buzios allows windsurfing, swimming, sailing, diving, golf and other sports and sea-sport activities. Buzios offers many shopping options and lots of animation.

Buzios is a popular destination, relatively expensive for Brazilian standards. The hotels don't follow this same trend though: they are 3 and 4 star hotels with moderate prices, except in the high season.

The availability is scarce at the high season (Dec.-Feb.) and hotel prices rise sharply in this period.

Hibiscus Beach Pousada, Colonna Park Hotel or Luar de Buzios are good hotel options in the low-medium price range.

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