best time to visit ceara beach destinations: CANOA QUEBRADA, MORRO BRANCO, MAJORLANDIA or ARACATI

Canoa Quebrada is a major eco-beach resort in the brazilian state of Ceara, 2-3 hour car drive south of Fortaleza. Morro Branco, Majorlandia and Aracati are nearby beach resorts.

Best time to visit Ceara beach destinations: Canoa Quebrada, Morro Branco, Majorlandia ou Aracati

Canoa Quebrada, Morro Branco, Majorlandia, Aracati and other nearby beaches all share the same basic Ceara climate pattern: they have a rainy and a dry season, and – from a weather and a traveler standpoint – it’s the rain and the humidity levels that really count.

Temperature is fairly constant throughout the year in these beaches: between 86ºF/30ºC maximum and 73-75ºF/23-24ºC minimum.

But rain is mostly concentrated from February to May, when humidity is also higher. In this sense, the dry season –  from June to January – is the best time of the year to go to Canoa Quebrada, Majorlândia, Morro Branco, Aracati and other key beaches in the North of Brazil.

On the other hand sea water levels are fairly constant all over the year in this places (around 81ºF/27ºC): See: Seawater temperatures, Brazil.

For graphics and clues on precipitation, humidity and air temperatures, see: Best time to visit Fortaleza and Ceará.

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All these places offer beach life, buggies, surfboard, swimming, sailing, diving.

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Canoa Quebrada, Majorlandia and Aracati: Brazil destinations


Canoa Quebrada, Morro Branco, Majorlandia and Aracati are rather isolated travel destinations, where t accomodation is scarce.


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These antique villages, with calm seas and impressive dunes, are great eco-destinations.

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