best time of the year to visit COSTA DO SAUIPE BRAZIL

Costa do Sauipe is a luxury beach resort at Bahia State, that is 60 miles/100 Kms away from Salvador da Bahia, 1024 miles/1649 Kms away from Rio de Janeiro, 1218 miles/1962 Kms away from Sao Paulo and 521 miles/839 Km away from Recife.

Travel attractions
Windsurf, water-sports, golf.

Best time to visit Costa do Sauipe

The wet season – the one with the highest humidity and most rain – goes from April to June. That’s probably the most unfavorable period to visit Costa do Sauipe, though rain is typically concentrated to some hours of the day.

December to March is the high season in nearby Salvador and a little all over Bahia, and you should take into account if you are planning to go on tours in the area. December to March is the best time for anyone who wants to observe Bahia’s exuberance and musical side. Temperatures during these months are high but it doesn’t rain much, and humidity is at its lowest.   

August to November are transitional months, with very pleasant weather. Air temperatures are in the 23º-28ºC range, while sea water temperatures remain between 25ºC and 28ºC (they do not vary all over the year). That’s great for beach going, windsurg and water-sports.   See, for more information on weather conditions in Bahia and the best time to visit the region: Best time to visit Salvador and Bahia

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Travel attractions nearby
Salvador da Bahia (entertainment, music, shopping), Praia do Forte (eco-tourism).

Salvador da Bahia

Costa do Sauipe Marriot Resort, Renaissance Costa do Sauipe and Breezes Costa do Sauipe are excellent choices in the 4 and 5 stars hotels category in Costa do Sauipe. There aren't many budget-friendly hotels there.

Salvador da Bahia (60 miles/100 Kms distant)

Transfers Salvador da Bahia/Costa do Sauipe:
Most of Costa do Sauipe hotels have shuttles.

Costa do Sauipe is a luxurious family tropical resort with a wide sports offer: water sports (surfing, kayaking, water-bikes, canoeing), tennis, squash, horse riding, cycling or eco-trails for walking.

From Costa do Sauipe you also have an easy access to Praia do Forte and other eco-tourism spots.

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