Fernando de Noronha Islands are located in the upper northeast coast of Brazil and are famous for its marine fauna. It's environment is protected by the government.

Fernando de Noronha is 340 miles/550 Kms away from Recife, 210 miles/340 Kms away from Natal (the main gatway to the islands) and 2040 miles/3350 Kms away from Rio de Janeiro.

Best time to visit Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is an all year round destination, but the best time to visit the islands and to fully enjoy their attractions is the dry season: from August to January.

Fernando de Noronha’s climate is tropical with two well defined seasons: the dry season, mentioned above, and the rainy season, from February to July. March, April and May are the rainiest months (especially April).

Air temperatures are fairly constant all throughout the year (around 77ºF/25ºC); humidity is also fairly constant (around 80%). As to water temperatures, they are great for all kinds of sea sports all over the year: around 82ºF/28ºC, with almost no variation all over the months.

See, for more information on local climate and the best time and local events: Best time to visit Natal

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More information

International Airports
Recife and Natal airports; Fernando de Noronha local airport is for local transfers from the mainland.

Scuba diving, dolphins and other marine life observation, sailing.

Attractions nearby
Natal (beach resort, eco-tourism), beach resorts at the main coast, Recife, Olinda (an ancient colonial town).

Accommodation is scarce in Fernando de Noronha and it should be reserved well in time. Dolphin Hotel is a fine option, but there are also other online options.

Recife (REC) is 6 miles/10 km from the city, with taxis and buses every few minutes.
Natal: Augusto Severo Intl (NAT) is 7 miles/12 km away from Natal.
There are daily flights/transfers to Fernando de Noronha's local airport from Natal and Recife (offered by Varig and TAM).

Fernando Noronha Islands
Recife, Fortaleza, Maceio, Fernando Noronha and around