Best time to visit fortaleza and the cearÁ coast

The brazilian city of Fortaleza is the capital of the Ceara State. It's land distances are: 1700 miles/2800 Kms away from Rio de Janeiro, 1900 miles/3100 Kms away from Sao Paulo, 500 miles/800 Km away from Recife and 1000 miles/1600 Kms away from Belem (at the entrance of the Amazon).

Brazil Fortaleza map: the beaches, the airport and its outskirtsFortaleza is a key travel spot for those who want to visit the Amazon and some of the best tropical brazilian beaches: Fortaleza's own beaches (see Fortaleza map above) and other magnificent beaches in nearby Jericoacoara, Prainha, etc.

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Best time to visit Fortaleza and Ceará beaches

February to May: the wet season

Air and sea water temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year: expect maximum air temperatures around 86ºF/30ºC and minimum temperatures around 73-75ºF/23-24ºC. In this sense, Fortaleza (and Ceará) is an all year round destination.

Rain will not keep you from going to the beach; rain doesn't last long - typically it comes on and goes off after some few minutes or hours.

June to January: the best time of the year to visit Ceará and Fortaleza

Anyway, from a weather perspective, the dry season is a much better one.

The dry season - the period going from June to January - has very low levels of precipitation and also low levels of humidity. These months are the best time of the year to go to Fortaleza and Ceará.

See graphs below for details on humidity, precipitation and air temperatures.

Other factors to take into account

The wind is stronger between August and November, and this is the best time for those who love windsurf.

The Carnival and the reveillon (New Year's) periods are popular events; Fortaleza might be very crowded in these periods. Fortal - the local Carnival - happens at the end of July, and is a very popular event.

Sea water temperatures are fairly constant all over the year; expect temperatures around 81ºF/27ºC (maximum variation all over the year: 2ºF). See, for details: Seawater temperatures, Brazil.


Maximum and Minimum monthly air temperatures (Celsius): Fortaleza
Source:, Gráficos climatológicos (1961-1990)

Fortaleza Cear? air temperature monthly

Humidity levels: Fortaleza

Fortaleza Cear? monthly humidity levels

Fortaleza Precipitation Levels (Monthly, mm)

Fortaleza cear? rain levels by month

Fortaleza & Google Map

More information

Brazil Fortaleza Airports
Pinto Martins Airport (FOR) located 4 miles/7 km away from the city.

Transfers to/from Fortaleza and its airport:
Taxis, buses every 30 minutes to the bus station and onto city beaches: Praia Iracema and Meireles.


Fortaleza's nightlife can be found close to the beaches: Meireles, Iracema and the pier streets. Iracema beach zone attracts younger people; Praia do Meireles attracts a wider range of people and the tourists.

Most of the bars, restaurants, dance halls and discos are in Meireles and Iracema squares or, at a smaller scale, in other beaches outside the town, especially in Futuro beach.

Danceterias (dance halls) and discos are open long before midnight, but the peak time of nightlife is always at the early hours of the morning.

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Seafood is a speciality of Fortaleza and Ceará. Fortaleza is a big lobster export center and local dishes based on lobster are great. The skewered lobster is an outstanding dish.

Consider also Peixada (a local seafood stew speciality), Peixe delicia and the many local seafood dishes involving crabs and shrimps.

Fortaleza also has a fantastic variety of tropical juices.

Note: The best restaurants are in the beaches. Tabajaras street, near Praia dos Meireles (Meireles beach), is especially reputed as a restaurant center.


The best place for souvenirs and local products is the main city meeting-place and handicraft market: the Avenue President Kennedy (popularly known as Beira-Mar Avenue), surrounding Meireles beach, which is particularly active at night.

There is a huge offer of local products in the Beira Mar avenue market: hammocks, lace and embroidery clothes (very typical of Ceará zone, of which Fortaleza is the capital), ceramics, leather goods, bottles with coloured sand, saint images, turtle-shell bracelets, percussion instruments, wood carvings, saddles, bridles...

For a large shopping centre, you can try the Iguatimi Shopping Center, the biggest in Fortaleza.


Travel destination type
Fortaleza is a tropical northeastern beach destination and a major travel gateway to several beach resorts of Ceara, Recife and other north eastern towns.

Fortaleza Airport
Pinto Martins Airport (FOR)

Lagoinha, Iparana, Cumbuco and other eco-beach resorts
Ceará beaches are famous: Porto das Dunas, Aquiraz, Cumbuco, Morro Branco, Beach Park, Lagoinha, Iguape, Prainha, Canoa Quebrada, Jericoacoara, etc.

Travel attractions
Beach life, buggies, surfboard, swimming, sailing, diving.

Fortaleza Ceara Brazil Map RegionOther connected destinations
Belem (at the Amazon's entrance, 1000 miles/1600 Kms away), Natal, Recife (500 miles/800 Kms away).

Fortaleza offers lots of hotels, mainly in the 3-4 stars range.

Fortaleza Airport
Pinto Martins Airport (FOR), located 4 miles/7 km away from the city.
There are many taxis and buses (every 30 minutes to the bus station and onto central beach zones: Praia Iracema and Meireles).

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