best time of the year to go to GUARUJA, SANTOS, Praia grande AND CUBATAO

Guaruja is a beach resort very near Sao Paulo (45 miles/75 Kms) and 320 miles /550 Kms away from Rio de Janeiro.

Santosis an important coastal town, near Sao Paulo and Guaruja, that offers a wide set of beach life and sea sports (including the Praia Grande resorts).

Cubatao is an important industrial center, 50 Kms away from Sao Paulo, not far from Santos. The factories on this swampland region have turned the place internationally know by its pollution. But Cubatao is also surrounded by beautiful mango groves, the majestic Atlantic Forest and several rivers - Casqueiro, Morro, Cubatao... - and their tributaries, making the city and the region around pleasant travel spots. Praia Grande

Best time of the year to visit Guaruja, Santos, praia Grande and Cubatão

The south of Brazil – and Santos and Praia Grande, Guaruja and Cubatão are in the Brazil's south - hasn’t a tropical weather, and it's possible to distinguish 4 seasons.

In the winter (June - September) temperatures are typically mild, but not high enough for beach life.

Spring and Fall months (September to November and April to June) are sunny with bursts of unsettled weather. There are very pleasant days, and seawater temperatures can be reasonable, but...

The summer in this area goes from January to March, and temperatures increase as high as 90º F/32ºC. That’s the rainiest period, but also the best months for beach-going and sea sports.

Since these are beach travel destinations, avoid the winter period (June, July, August, September), when air temperatures are lower, humidity levels are higher and sea water temperatures are at their lowest (see for details: Sea water temperatures in Brazil).

For graphs and monthly weather data, see: Best time to visit Sao Paulo

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Guaruja, Santos and Cubarao travel attractions
Beach life and golf, in the case of Guaruja and Santos.
Cubatao offers several cruises in the local rivers that show a wide variety of exotic birds. Bird watching lovers and sporting fishers will deeply appreciate Cubatao surroundings.

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Sao Paulo, Paraty, Angra dos Reis, Ilhabela.

International flights involving Guaruja, Cubatao and Santos are served by Sao Paulo Airports, amainly by Sao Paulo Guarulhos Intl (GRU): which is 18 miles/28 km from city centre. Guarulhos Intl serves all international destinations and some Brazilian cities.

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