Ilheus is a Bahian city and the brazilian capital of cocoa, located 287 miles/462 Kms away from Salvador da Bahia and 720 miles/1200 Kms away from Rio de Janeiro.

Comandatuba, close to Ilheus, is a major example of the astonishing beach and sea sports conditions offered by Brasilian Northeast.

Best time of the year to go to Ilheus and Comandatuba

Ilheus and the Comandatuba Island resorts are an all year round destination, but there is a few differences in the weather patterns and the amusement opportunities that you may want to consider.

April to June rains a lot and the humidity levels are high. They aren’t the best months to go.

December to March is the Brazilian high season; entertainment, music and nightlife are at their peak. If you also want to visit Salvador and other places in Bahia state, or Rio de Janeiro, and to share the joy and the musical side of Brazilians, that’s the best time to go. Temperatures will be high but it rains a lot less than in the months ahead; besides, humidity is also lower. The downside? These are the most crowded months, with higher hotel rates.

And what about the other months? Ilheus and Comandatuba are tropical destinations, and you can always enjoy the beach and the sea. October and November, though typically low-season months, can be great months for vacations, but do not expect high temperatures in July, August and September, though they will be in pleasant levels: 73ºF-82ºF/23º-28ºC.

As to sea water temperatures in Comandatuba and Ilheus they are not a problem. They will range between 77 and 82ºF (25ºC-28ºC)

For more details on humidity, rain and air temperature in Ilheus and Comandatuba, see Best time of the year to visit Salvador. There are no significant differences between Salvador and the Ilheus region.

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Ilheus and Comandatuba - destination type
Tropical northeast beach destinations.

Ilheus Airport
Ilheus Airport (IOS), 2 miles/4 km from town.

Ilheus attractions
The surroundings of Ilheus offer some of the best resort beaches of the world.

Attractions nearby
Salvador da Bahia, Porto Seguro, Morro de Sao Paulo.

If you want a spectacular and high luxury place to stay, consider Transamerica Ilha da Comandatuba. If you want a a good 4 star accommodation you may try Cana Brava Resort.

Ilheus Airports
Ilheus Airport (IOS), 2 miles/4 km away from town.

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