best time of the year to travel to MANAUS, AMAZON

Manaus - located in the heart of the Amazon river and rainforest - is the top travel destination in the Amazon.

Land distances: 2716 miles/4374 Km from Rio de Janeiro, 2466 miles/3971 Kms from Sao Paulo.

Best time to go to Manaus and the Central Amazon

Manaus’s climate is humid and rainy - it rains even in the driest months. Daily afternoon rainstorms are common during most of the year (they are heavy, but fortunately for visitors they do not last long).

Expect tropical temperatures all thorough the year: average temperatures range from 80ºF/27ºC to 90ºF/32ºC (see graphs below). Expect also some cold spells in the May-September period. 

If you are planning to go to Manaus (central Amazon region) do try to avoid the rainy-humid months – running from November to June. Consider, instead, the driest months (also with the lowest humidity levels).

June to September are the best time to go (they are the driest months). It’s much better from a weather standpoint, and that’s also the best time for exploring the city, the river and the rainforest. This period is great for spotting local wildlife, namely birds (December to March is also an excellent time for wildlife spotting, since water levels are low).

As in other Brazilian destinations the Carnival time (and the weeks prior to the event) is the best to experience local festivities, but that’s not a good time in terms of weather. June and July have also several music events, and are overall a much better time to go.

For details on montlhy levels of humidity, rain and temperatures, see graphs below.


Maximum and Minimum air temperatures (Celsius): Manaus and Central Amazon
Source:, Gráficos climatológicos (1961-1990)

Manaus high and low month air temperatures

Humidity levels: Manaus

Manaus monthly humidity levels

Manaus monthly rainfall levels (mm)

Manaus monthly rain levels

Manaus & Google Map

More information

Travel destination type
Manaus is a hub for Brazilian Amazon cruises and visits to the central Amazon rainforest and river.

Manaus Airport
Manaus - Eduardo Gomes (MAO), 6 miles/12 Km away from the city. Buses, minibus and airport transfers are available.

Travel attractions nearby Manaus
The rainforest, the river, the flora, the fauna and visiting the natives (caboclos).

Other possible connected destinations
Belem (at the entrance of the Amazon), northeastern cities (Recife, Fortaleza, Sao Salvador), Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (as coastal south gateways to the Amazon).

Accommodation offers in Manaus are mainly in the 3-4 star range.

Manaus - Eduardo Gomes (MAO), 6 miles/10 km away from the city.

Transfers to/from Manaus
There are plenty of buses, minibus and airport transfers. Hotels such as Ariau Towers offer transfers.

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