Porto Seguro is a safe and beautiful beach resort in Bahia state, south of Salvador. Arraial da Ajuda and Trancoso are nearby small towns, where you can experience entertainment and fun.

Land distances: 406 miles/653 Kms from Salvador da Bahia and 696/1120 Kms from Rio de Janeiro

Best time of the year to visit Porto Seguro, Arraial da Ajuda and Trancoso

Porto Seguro, Arraial da Ajuda e Trancoso are tropical year round destinations, but you should avoid the April to June period. It rains significantly more, and the humidity levels are higher.

The period between mid-December and March is the high season in the region and the best time to visit the region - at least for those who are looking for entertainment, music and nightlife, or who want to visit the area (Salvador, Recife…). Temperatures will be high in these months, but precipitation levels are low. Obviously that’s a busy time, involving higher hotel prices.

If you want to consider other quieter months, October and November can be a good option. They are in the low-season, but they have very pleasant air and water sea temperatures (80ºF/26ºC).

For more details on weather (monthly precipitation, humidity and air temperatures), see Best time of the year to visit Salvador.

Porto Seguro

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Travel attractions:
Porto Seguro is a resort of warm sea waters and palm trees, lagoons, rivers and sea cliffs, all blended with modern animation and a colonial and Indian past.

Travel attractions nearby:
Arraial da Ajuda and Trancoso (for nightlife and animation), visiting the Pataxos Indians and the surrounding forest.


Porto Seguro (BPS), 1 mile/2km away from city. The airport is served by an efficient service of taxis and by regular buses.
Many flights scale Salvador da Bahia airport. See: Salvador da Bahia

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