best time of the year to visit PRAIA DO FORTE, BRAZIL

Praia do Forte is a magnificante beach resort near Salvador da Bahia, an hour car drive away from the airport of Salvador (and two hours from the city).

Some of the land distances from main brazilian hubs:
40 miles/65 Km from Salvador da Bahia
1024 miles/1649 Km from Rio de Janeiro
1218 miles/1962 Km from Sao Paulo
521 miles/839 Km from Recife.

Best time of the year to go to Praia do Forte

For those looking for entertainment and to experience the exuberance and the musical side of Bahia, the summer months (from December to March) are the best time to visit Praia do Forte – namely if you also want to visit Salvador and other nearby travel spots.

The summer period is also a good time to assist to the nesting and releasing of baby sea turtles in local beaches (Projeto Tamar).

For those looking for local events, the period between July and October is also a good time to assist to the spectacle of the humpback whales (there are local boat rides monitored by biologists).  

Tempero no Forte is another great event; it happens in November and involves local cuisine in the beach restaurants and structures. 

Rain and humidity are higher from April to June. In this sense, that’s the worst period to visit Praia do Forte.

For more details on monthly precipitation, humidity and air temperature see: Best time to visit Salvador.

Praia do Forte and Salvador da Bahia

More information

Travel destination type
Praia do Forte has 8 miles/12 Kms of unspoiled beaches surrounded by palm groves and an amazing sea.

Attractions nearby
Salvador da Bahia.

Dois de Julho Airport (SSA), Salvador da Bahia, located midway between Salvador and Praia do Forte. The airport is served by a regular taxi and bus service (they can be stopped anywhere along the route).

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