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Recife is the capital of Pernambuco State, in the northeast coast of Brazil.

Recife is an all year beach destination and a major gateway to other resorts in Pernambuco and around: Olinda, Porto Galinhas, Natal, Pipa, Maceio, Fernando Noronha Islands...

Main entertainment areas in Recife

Recife and Olinda mapThere are three great nightlife zones in Recife:

- Boa Viagem, the beachside district of Recife
- Olinda, the ancient colonial town, 4 miles/6 Km away from Recife
- Recife Island, at the old town.

Boa Viagem area has plenty bars, discos and dance halls. Forro and other local music styles are especially common in Boa Viagem square or at Pavao Leao street. Boa Viagem is a safe and relaxed place, largely frequented by tourists (except at weekends, when the beach is crowded by locals).

Olinda, 6 Km north of Recife's old town, is also a very lively place, with an intense nightlife and good restaurants.

But the liveliest and night animated district is the Recife Island, at the old town (try Rua do Apolo and its bars). Recife Island nightlife has outstripped Boa Viagem district in the last couple of years as the main entertainment zone.

Though Recife Island has all kind of bars and opportunities, the mood is particularly young and dependent of locals and modern musical styles. Boa Viagem zone, or Olinda, are preferable for those interested in another type of animation.


Most Recife and Olinda dishes are based on fish, crabs and lobster.

Caranguejo mole (crabs cooked in a spicy sauce), agulhas fritas (fried needle fish) and shrimps in mango sauce are regional dishes you should taste. Try also acaraje (a Sao Salvador dish, very popular in Recife).


Recife has one of the best Brazilian shopping malls: the Shopping Center Recife, at Rua Padre Carapuceiro (Boa Viagem zone). With its many stores and diversified offers, this mall is a good option for those interested in shopping at Recife.

But there are other possibilities, namely, Casa da Cultura, in the downtown, at S. Francisco Island, which os an old prison converted into an excellent shopping center, offering large possibilities for those interested in souvenirs and handicrafts. The alternative is the stores near the beaches or stores in the old town.

Another interesting opportunity for shopping is the Brennand Ceramics Workshops, just outside the town. This ceramic workshop offers the finest Brazil ceramic tiles and sculptures.


Travel attractions nearby
Pernambuco beaches and nearby ones: Porto Galinhas, Natal, Pipa, Maceio...; Olinda: an ancient colonial town; Fernando de Noronha Islands: a eco-preserved bio-marine paradise.

Recife has dozens of quality hotels, mainly in 3-4 star range.

Recife Airport
Recife (REC), 6 miles/10 km away from the city.

Transfers to/from Recife:
The airport is served by a regular service of taxis and buses (every few minutes), connecting the airport to the town.

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