best time to visit SALVADOR DA BAHIA resorts, BRAZIL

Salvador da Bahia is the capital of the Bahia State. Some of its land distances are: 1024 miles/1649 Km away from Rio de Janeiro, 1218 miles/1962 Km away from Sao Paulo and 521 miles/839 Km away from Recife.

Salvador is a tropical beach destination , the musical capital of Brazil and a major example of the blending of African and European culture.
Salvador da Bahia is also a major gateway to several top world beach resorts, like Porto Seguro, Praia do Forte, Costa do Sauipe, Ilheus, Itacare, etc..

Best time to visit Salvador, Bahia

Salvador (and the state of Bahia) is an all year round destination. But it rains a lot and there is higher levels of humidity between April and June (March is a transitional month with variable weather patterns). So, avoiding these months may be a wise decision.

December to March is the high season; amusements, music festivals or nightlife are at their high point. That's the best time for those who want to share the exuberance, the joy and the musical side of Salvador and Bahia. Temperatures are high but it rains little, and humidity is not as high as in other months. That's a good time to visit Salvador, from a weather standpoint. But pay attention: that's also a crowded period, with higher hotel prices.

The high season in Salvador goes from the week before Christmas until the Easter week, with its high point in the Carnival week. These months are fabulously entertaining, but also tumultuous. Other busy periods include July (when Brazilian schools take the winter break) and August when many European and North American visitors come to Salvador and Bahia.

If you like quieter months, take into account the patterns mentioned above.

Sea water temperatures in Bahia aren't a problem, whatever the month you choose. They remain stable along all year, typically between 25ºC and 28ºC.

Salvador is a typical tropical destination, and as mentioned earlier an all year round destination - though you will not have very high air temperatures in July, August and September (they are typically in the 23º-28ºC range).

Events that may interest you, besides Carnival (at the end of February or the beginning of March), Christmas, New Year's and Easter:

- June, and the Juninos commemorations;
- whale watching: July to November.
- religious commemorations (Santa Barbara, Iemanja, procession of the Senhor do Bonfim): December to February.
- turtle nesting (November - February)


Average air temperatures (Celsius): Bahia, Salvador
Source:, Gráficos climatológicos (1961-1990)

Salvador da Bahia, Maximum and Minimum Temperatures

Humidity levels: Salvador da Bahia

Salvador da Bahia Humidity Levels

Bahia, Salvador: monthly rainfall levels (mm)

Salvador da Bahia precipitation monthly

Salvador da Bahia & Google Map

More information

Travel attractions and resorts
Salvador da Bahia beaches (Itapoa, Paiata...), music, entertainment, cuisine and eco-places like Praia do Forte.

Nearby travel attractions
Praia do Forte (a marvellous eco-resort), Itacare, Ilheus and Costa do Sauipe.

There are dozens of good hotels in Salvador da Bahia.

Salvador da Bahia Airport:
Dois de Julho Airport (or Eduardo Luis Airport) (SSA), 16 miles/25 km outside of Salvador. The airport is served by regular service of taxis and buses.

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