brazilian and argentiniaN Iguassu faLLS

A visit to the Iguacu Falls (Brazilian spelling) should include both the Brazilian and the Argentinean sides of the Falls. A typical visit involves a staying of two or more days (which means a stay of at least one night, in a Brazilian or in an Argentine hotel).

But you can opt for a quicker visit of just one day, dividing your time between the Brazilian side of the Falls (one morning, for instance) and the Argentinean side (one afternoon).

Iguassu Falls A very short visit to Brazilian side of the falls

If you only have a few hours to spend in your visit to the Brazilian part of the Falls, then you must head yourself towards the place where they are, in the Brazilian Iguassu Park, near the Tropical das Cataratas Hotel. There are constant buses to the place (you can take one at the airport, in Foz do Iguacu city or, if near it, on the road that links this city to the Falls) It's a short travel, and you will just have to walk a few hundred meters, after the bus final stop. Soon you will face the catwalk and the treks to the Iguacu Falls.

After seeing the Falls (it will take between one to two hours) you can visit the Bird Park (Parque das Aves), at the park entrance.

A morning or an afternoon is enough to this visit. And you can spend the other part of the day in the Argentinean side of the Falls.

A typical visit

A typical visit involves a stay of two and sometimes three days (and at least one night in a local hotel). It has the elements of the very short visit (mentioned above) and, of course, some more optional tours.

Possible tours in the Iguassu / Iguacu Falls

The Macuco Safari Tour
Trip along the forest in open wagons, walking trail, and upstream rafting expedition till the Devil's Throat in inflatable boats: 2 hours duration.

The Banana Trill Trip
This is a four-mile roundtrip hike on the banks of the Iguassu River. Duration of the visit: 1 to 2 hours.

The Black Well Trail: Pista do Poço Preto
Deep visit to the Iguassu National Park, Brazil, including a boat ride on the upper Iguassu river. Duration of the tour: about 5 hours

The Martin Line Jungle Tour
Exploration of 11 miles/16 Kms of treks of the forest by jeep, followed by a guided hike of 2,5 miles/4 Kms, and a cruise in the Iguassu river, near the Iguacu Falls. Tour duration: about 5 hours.

Flights over the Falls, and over the region by helicopter

Other visits
- The Itaipu Damp,
- The Landmark of the Three Countries -
- Shopping in the city of Foz do Iguacu.

Any of these visits involves at least two hours.