Looking for an Isolated tropical brazilian resort + Moderate Entertainment + Exotic tours package?

There are many top opportunities in Brazil to choose from.


If you want sophisticated tropical beach resorts, consider the following four destinations:

Brazilian resort with beachPraia do Forte
Costa do Sauipe
Porto Galinhas

They all are four/five-star resorts, truly sophisticated, highly secure, reclusive in some cases, and ideal for family vacations.

Northeast Coast MapMany may say that those are rather isolated destinations that do not show the real spirit, life and fun of Brazil. And that would be true, if those same places weren't near some big Brazilian cities, with many opportunities to offer. As such, their isolation is relative.


But if you want another kind of resorts, more linked with the daily life of Brazilians yet with a fine and friendly environment, very good animation and large possibilities for tours, there are plenty options. Consider one of these Brazilian beaches:

Porto Seguro
Joao Pessoa
Morro de Sao Paulo


Praia do Forte is an old fishing village, just a few miles north of Salvador da Bahia, surrounded by a wide natural park and a superb 5 miles sandy beach with lots of natural pools. Here you can swim, canoe, and observe the wide diversity of the park's life. There are local programes for birdwatching, rainforest walking or turtle observation (marine turtles come to the beach between the months of September and March). Praia do Forte is just an hour drive away from Salvador da Bahia.


Comandatuba island is a top Brazilian resort located about 50 Km away from the city of Ilheus and is an excellent option in luxury Brazilian leisure. Its trademarks are sophistication, ecology, peacefulness and animation. In Comandatuba island you can encounter diversified sport options: golf greens, biking, tennis, beach volleyball, kayak, windsurfing, fishing, schooner, diving, etc.

The proximity of Ilheus - the Brazilian capital of cocoa, with an excellent nightlife and animation - is another advantage. Through Ilheus, you can get to know its particular nightlife and your shopping opportunities...


Porto Galinhas is a highly preserved and unspoiled Brazilian beach resort, stretching for miles, located about 35 miles/53 Km south of Recife. This Brazilian resort, born from a small fishing village, has a very friendly environment and a high number of shops, restaurants and bars, and is undoubtedly one of the best resorts of Brazil. Its natural swimming pools at low tides (reached through small rafts) are as famous as its dunes. Its nightlife, at the center of the village, is very reasonable. Restaurants and bars are constantly crowded at night.

The proximity of Recife - the capital of Pernambuco state - increases your options to get to know a different side of Brazil and adds opportunities for shopping, tours and regional cuisine. Olinda, an ancient colonial town that is extremely well preserved, located at the outskirts of Recife, is another major reference in the region - a place that deserves a small tour.


Costa do Sauipe is a top Brazilian beach resort near Praia do Forte, 50 miles north of Salvador da Bahia. Here, you can find a selected environment and large hotels with extensive entertainment programmes. Besides beach activities (reefs provide safe and natural swimming pools at the ocean) and water sports (surfing, kayaking, water-bikes, canoeing), Costa do Sauipe offers many sports opportunities, such as tennis, squash, golf, horse riding, cycling, eco-trails for walking, canoe trips through the mangroves, jeep tours or bird-watching.

The environment is highly selective and entirely touristic, good for couples and families, leisure and sports. If you want to contact the real Brazil, you must also visit nearby places, such as Praia do Forte or Salvador da Bahia.


Porto Seguro, a small town of 7,000 inhabitants and the first colonial Portuguese settlement in Brazil, doesn't have the cosmopolitism and splendour of Rio de Janeiro nor the African elements of Salvador da Bahia. Porto Seguro is much more of a bucolic destination of warm waters and palms, lagoons, rivers and sea cliffs.

But if you intend to escape the city's turbulence, without plunging in an isolated beach resort and lose the typical Brazilian animation, Porto Seguro is an excellent option.

In Porto Seguro you can visit the near forest and the natives (the Pataxos, the first tribe contacted by Europeans when they arrived to at South America); you can also visit great nearby locations like Arraial da Ajuda (an international resort with intense nightlife, just a five-minutes boat trip away from Porto Seguro), or Trancoso beach, also a highly considered resort, often compared with Buzios. These last places are ideal for shopping and entertainment.


Natal (Christmas, in English) is known as the city of the sun and dunes. Natal is surrounded by hundreds of miles of gigantic dunes, untouched by man.

The beaches (excellent for surfing), the dune rides in beach bugs, the friendly people and the eco-atmosphere of the place, make Natal an important international beach destination. Offshore places such as Maracajau, with its wide coral reefs, are great. Their shallow quiet waters are an excellent alternative to the agitated waters of the main coast. Near Natal, just 10 Km away, at Ponta Negra bay, is Pipa, an excellent Brazilian resort, where turtles and dolphins are often observed.

For those who bet on budget hotels and eco-tourism, Natal is an excellent Brazilian option.


Morro de Sao Paulo is a peaceful and beautiful fishing village, located at the state of Bahia,100 miles/170 Km south Salvador da Bahia. Morro de Sao Paulo is a true postcard destination of warm waters, with several beach-bays amidst sea cliffs, and many natural lagoons, but nightlife and animation is reduced, except at high season (Dec.-Feb).


Joao Pessoa is a major attraction in the north coast of Recife. It's a white sand beach surrounded by palm trees with permanent good weather. Its main beaches are Tamba, Cabo Branco, Jacuma and Tambaba. Tambaba, ranked as one of the best Brazilian beaches, is also the only nudist Brazilian beach. If you like isolated towns with great beaches and friendly people, then Joao Pessoa is an excellent choice.