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Brazil has excellent golf greens in its travel destinations.

Sao Paulo has dozens of golf clubs and greens. In Rio de Janeiro - and its surroundings: Angra dos Reios, Buzios - also have world class golf courses available.

Iguassu Falls (in the inland south) and Manaus (at the heart of the Amazon) also offer top golf opportunities. And Bahia has some of the greatest greens of the nation inTrancoso, Costa do Sauipe or Comandatuba Island.

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Golf in Comandatuba Island (Bahia)
Golf in Costa do Sauipe (Bahia)
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Golf in Iguassu Falls
Golf Brazilian Institutions and sites


There are many golf clubs and greens in Sao Paulo district, more than in any other Brazilian state. It's easy to play golf once there, even if near Sao Paulo beach zones: Guaruja and Santos.


You want to include the golf in your trip to the melting pot culture of Bahia, with its astonishing musical and African traditions? No problem.

Trancoso, Costa do Sauipe and Comandatuba Island offer top world class greens. And Salvador has its own greens and clubs:


Terravista Golf Greens, in Trancoso, near Porto Seguro, two hours drive south Salvador da Bahia, is a world class golf destination.

Trancoso has plenty of hotels in all ranges, and is an extremely safe and animated place, with picturesque fishing villages nearby (such as Porto Seguro).



Comandatuba Island is an idyllic destination in Bahia State, an hour drive away from Salvador da Bahia, the capital of the state; the golf greens are part of the Hotel Transamerica resort and are among the best of Brazil.


Costa do Sauipe, at Bahia state, not far from Salvador, is a family and tropical type resort with a wide sportive offer: water sports (surfing, kayaking, water-bikes, canoeing), tennis, squash, horse riding, cycling, eco-trails for walking, canoe trips through the mangroves, jeep tours, bird-watching, and golf.

Costa do Sauipe Golf Links greens offer white sand dunes, breathtaking views of the beaches flanked by dense coconut grooves, lagoons and intense colorful tropical vegetation.


Buzios and Angra dos Reis, two famous and top beach resorts, are a two hour drive away from Rio de Janeiro (Buzios at North, Angra at South) and have a very good golf infrastructure. Its greens are truly majestic and are a regular host of many international tournaments.

See Rio de Janeiro Golf Clubs


Angra dos Reis golf is particularly linked to Hotel do Frade, a magnificent resort and a 5 stars hotel.


Buzios, less than two hours drive away from Rio de Janeiro, is a safe and a world famous destination. Buzios Golf Club has an area over 1000000 m2 with hills and valleys bordering the sea, in a whole magnificent landscape.


Rio de Janeiro has three excellent golf clubs:

Golf Clubs in Rio de Janeiro

Gávea Golf and Country Club
Address: Estrada da Gávea, 800 - São Conrado - Rio de Janeiro CEP - 22610-000

Golden Green
Address: Av. Canal Marapendi, 2901 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - CEP 22631-050

Itanhang Golf Club
Address: Estrada da Barra da Tijuca, 2005 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - CEP 22641-000

The greens are located near Barra da Tijuca and its beaches, not far from the main central beaches.

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You can play golf quite close to the Iguassu Falls. The hotel Bourbon Iguassu Falls is particularly linked to local greens.

Golf Club in Iguassu
Address: Avenida das Cataratas, 6845 - km 10 - C.P. 221
Iguassu Falls, Paraná - CEP-85863-000


You can play golf in Manaus, in the very heart of the Amazon, if you wish:

Golf Club in Manaus:
Manaus Country Club
Address: Estrada Belém, 3000 - Colónia Cachoeira Grande
Parque 10 Manaus, Amazona CEP- 68745-000

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Florianopolis, at the southern Brazil, has a wide range of sports for your vacations. Here the climate is temperate (with some cold days in the winter), inviting people to play sports.

Florianopolis has an extremely relaxed lifestyle and offers excellent opportunities for hiking, swimming, diving, tennis or surfing (Joaquina Beach is a world reputed surfing center, lodging regular international competitions).

And it has also excellent golf greens and clubs:

Golf in Florianopolis
Joinville Country Club
Address: Estrada da Ilha, 1661; Joinville, Santa Catarina-CEP- 89223-480

Costao Golf Club Forianopolis
Address: Rod. Vereador Onildo Lemos, 2505 - Praia do Santinho-CEP 8805i8-700

Brazilian golf institutions and sites
CBG - Confederação Brasileira de Golfe
Federação Rio Grandense de Golf
Federação Norte de Golf
Federacãoo Pernambucana de Golf
Associação Brasileira de Golf Senior
Associação Brasileira dos Profissionais de Golf
Gramado Golf Club
Terras de Sao Jose Golf Club - Sao Paulo
Golfe Amador



Sao Paulo - the heart of industrial, commercial and entrepreneurial Brazil - is also the main reference for Brazilian golf. Sao Paulo has more golf clubs and players than the rest of Brazil put together.

So, if you are planning a tourist or business trip to Sao Paulo, consider using one of its many golf greens. Any reputed hotel will give you the answers you may need for access to local greens.

While Sao Paulo is prominent in the Brazilian golf panorama, that doesn't mean that there aren't other locations to play in. The number of Brazilian golf greens is increasing rapidly. You can even play golf in the middle of the Amazon basin.

If interested in enjoying the immense rainforest but without forgetting the golf),think of going to Manaus, a big travel hub to the surrounding rainforest. Once there, besides local cruises on the river and visits to the ecological parks, the exploration of forest treks or visits to the caboclos settlements, there are also opportunities to play golf.

Another major travel attraction in Brazil where there are golf courses is Iguassu, in the mid south, near the frontier with Argentina and Paraguay. Iguassu boasts the world's biggest waterfalls, a natural phenomenon far greater than the Niagara Falls (poor Niagara, said Eleanor Roosevelt, when facing the place). The local Bourbon Iguassu Golf Resort hotel has excellent greens.

Rio de Janeiro also has several top greens not far from its southern beaches and just some minutes away from Copacabana or Ipanema.

Also in the Rio de Janeiro region, you can find golf courses in Buzios - the Saint Tropez of Brazil -, and, in the opposite direction, in Angra dos Reis, a luxurious resort, with majestic greens, connected to an excellent local hotel: Hotel do Frade Golf and Resort. These places are both about an hour's drive from Rio.

Much more to the south, there are the Florianopolis greens. Florianopolis is known as a top international place for sea sports (swimming, diving, and mainly surfing), but it also has excellent golf greens and clubs.

And that's not all, of course. Due to its size (a country with an area similar to that of the USA), the number of Brazilian golf greens is growing steadily. Amongst the recent ones, there are a number of courses in Bahia that are particularly good.

Bahia is a northeastern state of Brazil. A state with a great number of friendly, music-loving people, with a set of exotic traditions, and a long coast of thousands of miles, hiding hundreds of beach paradises still largely undiscovered outside of Brazil.