The “wonderful city” – as Brazilians call Rio de Janeiro - provides music, entertainment, a great nightlife and paradise-like beaches. A few miles away there are also two great other travel options: Buzios and Angra dos Reis. 

Buzios and Angra dos Reis are world-top beach resorts and are a two-hour drive away from Rio de Janeiro. Buzios is a kind of South American version of Saint Tropez and its beaches - Geribá, Ferruda, Ossos… - are excellent for swimming, diving, resting, windsurfing and sailing. 

Angra dos Reis has amazing forests, waterfalls, lakes, small fishing villages, secret coves (Angra dos Reis means "King’s Cove"), 365 small islands and 2,000 small beaches – many resort hotels, villas and restaurants are present. 

Rio Janeiro Sao Paulo Coast Map

Type of destination / Unique features
Mix of beach life, music, nightlife and natural beauty

Suggested Package:
- Arrival at Rio de Janeiro (or Sao Paulo)
- 2-3 days minimum in Rio de Janeiro 
- 2-3 days minimum in Angra dos Reis or in Buzios
- Departure from Rio de Janeiro (or Sao Paulo)

The number of days in each destination mentioned above are the just common options; it all depends on your interests and personal options.

Possible visits and trips around               
Parati, an ancient colonial town, near Angra dos Reis
- Tours in Rio or to Petropolis, the ancient summer city of Brazilian royal family.

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