A visit involving Fortaleza - Manaus - Recife allows you to enjoy two of the best sand stretches of the earth, spectacular dunes, places with 300 days of sunshine a year, great tropical beaches (Fortaleza, Recife or anywhere near these cities) and, simultaneously, the unbeatable grandeur of the world's biggest rainforest (Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon).

Main regions Brazil MapSuggested tour:

- Arrival at Fortaleza
- Minimum of 2-3 days in Fortaleza or in a nearby resort
- Minimum of 2-3 days in Manaus (at the Amazon)
- Minimum of 2-3 days in a resort near Recife (Porto Galinhas, Natal-Pipa, for instance)
- Departure from Fortaleza to get better airfare (roundtrips flights are much more advantageous than the one-way ones).

The number of days in each destination mentioned above are the just common options; it all depends on your interests and personal options.

Advantages of this brazilian tour:

Mixing some days of beach life with a visit to the world's biggest rainforest.

Fortaleza's surroundings have spectacular beaches, scarcely connected with the exterior world - Canoa Quebrada, Cumbuco, Morro Branco, Beach Park, Lagoinha, Iguape, Prainha, etc.

The Amazon is what everyone wonders but few experience: once in Manaus, you can enjoy local cruises, fishing, visit the natives, watch the local flora and fauna, see the encounter of the waters, the giant water lilies of the river, etc.

In Recife region you have spectacular beach resorts surrounded by dense palm tree groves, sand dunes, good animation, a peculiar music and a spectacular cuisine, based on lobster and other seafood.


You should extend the duration of the tour as much as you can, to avoid the fatigue of too many flights and airports transfers.

Just two days in each destination can be very tiring. The distances between these places are considerable.