Tropical brazilian beaches: multi-destination travel

The best Brazilian beaches, if by that we mean almost constant warm waters and sunny days, picturesque fishing villages, eco-locations largely cut off from the outside or reserved tropical resorts, are in the Northeast.

Rio and many other Brazilian regions have exceptional beaches, but they are not typically tropical or all year round beaches.

Brazilian Northeast Cost MapThe major Brazilian locations for tropical beach resorts are Salvador da Bahia, Recife and Fortaleza. These cities have extraordinary beaches and are great hubs to other wonderful beaches, standing some miles away.

There are, however, other top tropical beach locations in the Brazilian Northeast, rather distant from these cities, such as Maceio, Ilheus, Itacare, Natal just to quote some examples.

For maps of these Brazilian state regions, see:
Map of Bahia beaches
Map of Ceara (Fortaleza) beaches
Map of tropical beaches around Recife

Travel packages involving Brazilian tropical beaches

The possible travel packages in the Northeast are countless. You can stay some days in Salvador da Bahia (or in Praia do Forte, just some miles away), and some days in Porto Seguro or Ilheus (also in Bahia state, but some hundreds miles south), or some days in Salvador da Bahia and some days in Porto Galinhas or Maceio (some hundred miles north), to cite just some examples. The choice is yours.

There are many dozens of great destinations in the Brazilian Northeast, which makes the choice very difficult. We can, anyway, identify some styles and types which are listed below.

Isolated tropical resorts with animation and the possibility of exotic tours nearby

If you want selected tropical beach resorts, consider the following four destinations:

- Praia do Forte (near Salvador da Bahia)
- Ilha de Comandatuba (near Ilheus)
- Costa do Sauipe (near Salvador da Bahia)
- Porto Galinhas (near Recife)

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Tropical beaches with friendly environment

If you want beach resorts linked to the daily life of Brazilians yet with a fine, safe and friendly environment, very good animation and large possibilities for tours, consider one of these:

- Porto Seguro
- Natal
- Joao Pessoa
- Morro de Sao Paulo

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Tropical beaches with animation and exotic tours neaby

Tropical beaches around big cities

If you want the animation and the opportunities of big cities, besides the tropical beach life, you should consider, before any other option, Salvador da Bahia. Salvador da Bahia breathes a special blending made of music, African roots and exotic cuisine.

Fortaleza and Recife aren't great first choices. However, these cities have, near them, great beaches that might be a good option.

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Number of days for this Brazilian Travel Package

For multi-destination travel in the Northeast, stays of 3-4 days minimum in each destination is very common. This is not too much.

Whatever your option may be, you will have many opportunities for tours and trips around your destination or destinations. You don't have to confine your stay to the resort or the city you choose; you can and should travel around. It ends up depending on your preferences.

Air flights

Do not forget: round-trip air tickets can be cheaper than one-way ones. Returning to your arrival airport and first destination can be advantageous from a financial standpoint.