RIO, Amazon, Bahia multi-destination travel

Package Rio de Janeiro - Amazon - Salvador da Bahia

Rio de Janeiro provides a great nightlife, the natural beauty of its landscape and excellent beaches.

In the Amazon (around Manaus, at the heart of the river and the forest) you can experience the unbeatable grandeur of the world's biggest rainforest.

Brazil MapIn Salvador da Bahia you have marvellous tropical beaches and a rich African culture, that offers an unique cuisine, music and set of traditionsl.

Suggested travel package:

- Arrival at Rio de Janeiro (or Sao Paulo)
- Minimum of 3-4 days in Rio de Janeiro and around (Angra dos Reis or Buzios are just 2 hours away from Rio either by car or boat)
- Minimum of 2 - 4 days in Manaus (at the Amazon)
- Minimum of 2-4 days in Salvador da Bahia or around
- Departure from Rio de Janeiro (or Sao Paulo) to get better airfare (roundtrips flights are much more advantageous than the one-way ones).

The number of days in each destination mentioned above are the just common options; it all depends on your interests and personal options.


Very different destinations that combine beaches, forests, cosmopolitism and a fun nightlife.


You should extend the duration of the tour as much as you can, to avoid the fatigue of too many flights and airports transfers. Just two days in each destination can be very tiring.

The distances between these places are considerable (Fortaleza-Manaus: 3500 miles; Fortaleza-Recife: 500 miles), but they can be mitigated if you do a triangle-like circuit.

The flights Rio-Iguassu, Iguassu-Florianopolis and Florianopolis-Rio may be covered by the Brazilian Air Pass in order to make the tour affordable.

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