While rich in business, Sao Paulo has other qualites. If you are going to Sao Paulo in a professional visit, you can add some good trips and other great Brazilian destinations to your travel.

Just some miles out of Sao Paulo, at the coast, you have Santos, Guaruja and Ilhabela the beaches of Sao Paulo.

Some dozens miles north you have a magnificent resort (Angra dos Reis) and an amazing colonial town (Paraty, an Unesco World Site Heritage).

Further north, you have the must-see Rio de Janeiro and some hundred miles south the magnificent Florianopolis (430 miles) , in Santa Catarina Island, or Curitiba (250 miles).

Besides, Sao Paulo is also the major hub to the Iguassu Falls. So, it all depends of what you want. Just make the desired trip, selecting the destinations you want to visit from the list below.

Obviously, the visits to Rio, Florianopolis, Curitiba or Iguassu would take some days out of Sao Paulo; not the others though.

Top destinations near Sao Paulo:

- Guaruja (beach destination, an hour drive from Sao Paulo)
- Angra dos Reis (luxurious resort: three hours drive distant)
- Paraty (colonial city: three hours drive distant)
- Rio de Janeiro (260 miles north)
- Florianopolis (430 miles south)
- Iguassu Falls (530 miles west)
- Curitiba (253 miles south)
- Blumenau (400 miles south)
- Ilhabela (125 miles north)

Business destinations near Sao Paulo:
- Guarulhos
- Sao Bernardo do Campo
- Sao Jose do Campo
- Sao Sebastiao
- Osasco
- Sorocaba