Brazil is an excellent destination for those who love surfing. Rio de Janeiro is known as a world top class surfing center, but there are other major travel Brazilian destinations, also with excellent conditions for surfing.

    The Brazilian best surfing destinations are in Ceara (in places as Jericoacoara, in the northeast), Buzios and Rio Frio (Rio de Janeiro), Ilhabela (Sao Paulo) and Santa Catarina Island, in the south.

    As a rule, the best time for Brazilian surfing is the second half of the year, when the winds are stronger and more consistent. Not all months and periods are equally good for surfing. Just take into consideration the tips below.

    Image: Ceara, Canoa Quebrada, Source: Embratur


    The Ceara - a northeastean state, with Fortaleza as its capital and main hub - offers the best conditions for windsurfing. Places such as Canoa Quebrada and Jericoacoara have marvellous conditions for surfing. 

    Be aware, though: some of these beaches have strong winds and waves, and aren't exactly the ideal for beginners. They are among the best of the world, but are more suitable for experienced surfers.

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    Rio is deservedly associated to windsurf, mainly in the most central beaches of Rio, such as Ipanema.

    But the best sites for surfing in Rio are Barra da Tijuca (at the outskirts of Rio), Cabo Frio and Buzios.

    Buzios is a particularly good place for surfing in the local beaches like Manguinhos, Rasa or Geribá. They are also very safe locations, without the problems faced by Rio de Janeiro's central districts and major outskirts.

    The best period for surfing is between August and December, with the best winds occuring in the afternoon period.

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    Florianopolis in Santa Catarina Island is a true gem for surfing. Joaquina Beach, one of its many beaches, is a world known surfing center, holding regular international competitions. 

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    Either for slalom and formula windsurfing, Ilhabela, an island in Sao Paulo state, somewhere between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, offers excellent conditions. Like most windsurf Brazilian sites, the best winds are the afternoon ones. 

    Even closer to Sao Paulo, Santos also offers good conditions to windsurfing.


    Porto Galinhas, not far from Recife, in the northeast, offers world-top conditions for windsurfing. Porto Galinhas is also a popular beach resort...

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